Let go, let God

Stressful times hits us all from time to time. Everything is going left and we are all over the place and lost in a clutter sphere where we can’t seem to find the right grip to pull us through.

When this happens to me, I first of all get a major anxiety rush that comes to visit pretty frequently. Then I try to do everything that I need to do at the same time, while I’m trying to figure out other things that I need to, or should add onto that list. It  all becomes a big mess, I end up not doing anything while feeling like shit, and then the pattern repeats.


“Let Go, Let God” – a phrase we often associate with reckless behavior and a more proper way of saying “YOLO”. In the case of this post, that is not what I want to say. Please don’t go out and go all crazy, partying until dawn and sniffing up all the bad drugs there are out there. No. Please, do not do this! Ever.

By letting go and let God, or faith take the wheel for a while can be a good refreshing boost to clear your mind. For a couple of days, just forget about everything. You need to focus on mind cleansing activities and just be in the present moment of yourself. After doing this for a few days, you will (trust me) find a way to jump back into your chaos and clean it up.

Now you may ask, how can I just let my shit go when there’s so much going on!? You have to allow yourself to do the right things when you’re clearing your mind. Don’t spend this time locked up in your house feeling sorry for yourself. No lil mamas and papas, you need to get all the positive endorphins going in your brain.


Shake what yo mama gave ya – Exercising and moving our bodies is a remedy for a lot of things. As I have mentioned before, you don’t need to be doing hard core workouts everyday or aspire to be a body builder. Just move. Take a walk around the block, clear you mind. Get a little sweat on. Exercise is an endorphin booster aka the happy hormones, and we need them during stressful times.

Fuel up RIGHT – When we feel stressed out we tend to turn to junk food to find comfort. Do your best to avoid this to all costs!! A stressed and anxious mind will become even more anxious when nourished with the wrong foods.

Give gratitude – When life feel shitty you might not be in the mood to be grateful for anything. You might not even see things to be grateful for. Let me tell you something, there is always something to be grateful for. Are you breathing today? Do you have a functioning body? Are you waking up in a bed? Have you had food today? Do you have people who love you? Did you arrive safe to work? Are you a sexy piece of ass? Yes, you are. Even though life can feel like a bitch sometimes, life is also a blessing that was given to you at random. Think about that.

What can you change and what can you notWhat about your situation do you actually have control over and what are the things that are totally out of your control? Write it down if it helps. When you do know the things you can control, focus on them. The other things you should just take and throw in the trash.

Surround yourself with positive people – People who complain and make you feel shitty you should avoid at all costs during these times. Honestly, you should avoid these people all the time. Spend some quality time with people who are positive and happy, who make you feel good!

Clean out clutter – How we feel in our mind can be a reflection of our home. If you have  a cluttered space, clean it out! Right now! The more mess you have around you the more it subconsciously creates a mess within you.

Be present!!! You need to be present as f**k. When we are stressed we tend to loose the ability of being in tune with our self. This leads to us missing out on signs and opportunities that life and the universe is giving to us all the time. Life is a sneaky little guy like that.


Focus on yourself for a few days. Do these things I’ve mentioned above, and let the universe guide you. Allow yourself to give the time to clean out your messy mind and return stronger, more confident, and with the feeling of being in full control over your situation. Trust me, you’ve got this! Go out and freaking kill it!!