It’s a “health craze” jungle out there. Paleo, vegan, keto, raw, 80/20. Eat this – not that. You’re supposed to exercise, meditate, yoga, lift weights, juice, shop at the farmers market, and grow your own produce. All this while having a full time job / school, finding your place in the world, and being a great friend, sister / brother / mother / father. Our society is already demanding a lot from us, so why should we let health – the definition of piece and mind, become another stress factor dumped upon our shoulders?

My name is Linnéa. I’m a sucker for nutrition, fitness, and staying young and healthy the natural way. This interest of mine has not always been a dear friend of mine. I’ve battled with eating disorders, binge eating, over exercising, low self-esteem, body dysmorphia and anxiety. Pretty much everything that’s body related and sucks. They do say that after a rainy day comes sunshine, or a rainbow, or whatever you like that’s cute and sparkly. This was definitely true in my case.  Those dark times led me to education about the subject of nutrition. The process of healing myself showed me (my life was literally depending on it) the connection between the food we eat and life. Healthy is not a specific number on the scale, a certain jeans size or a ripped six pack. Health isn’t just about food and exercise. There’s also a mental, social, and physical element to a healthy life that we tend to overlook. 

Health should be fun and not something we see as a huge challenge. Being healthy should be a natural process of life. I educate and develop recipes in a fun, entertaining, easy going, “buddy to buddy” kind of way. Tired of strict doctors and nutritionists telling you everything you’re doing wrong? Then I’m your girl! 


I’m born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden by a Swedish father and an Indian mother. Ever since I was a little shit (a kid) I’ve always been creative in all kind of ways. I used to write books, draw and have art shows in my living room, pull a group of friends together and organize concerts in our garden or create random clubs and throw theme parties. I was that kid. The starter, the fire cracker, the “always coming up with something” kinda girl. Creativity and bringing joy to people have always been dear to my heart. As I grew up I got an education in Media Communication here in Stockholm and after graduating I flew across the pond to Los Angeles where I studied Marketing and Communication. Through all of this I also found my happy place in nutrition. To be more specific it all started out with me wanting to know what to eat to “look beautiful”.  The passion expanded and I was now learning about how to stay younger, healthier and happier with the right nutrition and lifestyle. What started out as a shallow mission grew into a strong foundation for a healthy, long life – which I now want to share with You.


In this stressful world we need to take care of ourselves and ironically – it has never been so hard. Here’s where I come in. I’m your magical health fairy who will rejuvenate you with freaking delicious and nourishing meals, motivate and push you beyond your wildest imaginations, while also making sure you allow yourself to spend time with the people who matters the most, that you sleep and rest when needed, and that you laugh. Never forget to laugh! My goal is to make sure that You achieve health in all aspects – body, mind and soul.