The TikTok salmon rice bowl.

Nobody has missed the infamous salmon rice bowl by miss Emily Mariko circling the TikTok sphere like a cyclone in stormy weather. That this bowl is hyped is an understatement. Like it’s hyyyyped. Salmon, rice, mayo, and sriracha. Microwaved with an ice cube and eaten with chopsticks and see weed chips. Simplicity at its finest. While I won’t be showing you how to make this meal, Miss Emily Mariko can do this herself, I will break down just why this meal is so great. From a nutrition standpoint.

Salmon rice bowl Credit: Emily Mariko/TikTok

Salmon and rice.

This combo is A1. OG. The most real MVP. Absolutely fabulous. With just these two ingredients we have a complete meal with the macronutrients, protein, carbs, and fat. Salmon provides both protein and healthy fat together with rice as a carb source.

When we eat meals that have such a balance of macros, and also from “good sources” we keep our insulin spikes on a steady level. This also leads to easier satiety and regulates our hunger hormones.


Can we just play with the thought about how many stores have had to order massive amounts of see weed chips after this video? I’m all for it! If any food deserves more hype it’s definitely seaweed. Not only does it add a nice crunch and wrap up your food in the most comforting bites, but it also packs so much nutrition. Omega 3 fats, antioxidants, vitamin k, and vitamin e. Small but almighty.

Eating with chopsticks.

I don’t know about y’all, but I find it extremely cozy to eat with chopsticks. Where applicable of course. I would try to scoop up my soup with them obviously, but they have their place for basically any other meal in my opinion.

In Asian cultures, chopsticks are the utensil standard. Besides being cozy it’s also a great way to slow down when eating. Too many people inhale their food without actually savoring and enjoying it. Add in chopsticks to this mix and you will most likely slow down. If you’re not some ninja that could kill people with chopsticks. Eating slowly also makes us recognize when we’re actually full, which can prevent overeating.

Kimchi for gut health.

Together with her salmon rice bowl, Emily eats avocado and kimchi. Avocado, as we know has its healthy fats and kimchi, this fermented goodness is a pure gift to our gut. Full of probiotics that support a healthy gut microbiome.

A healthy gut places a huge part in our immune system, fighting cancers, regulating our metabolism, and helping in anxiety and depression. The gut and kind connection are real and a reason why you often feel sad or anxious when you’re having stomach issues.

Normalize normal meals.

What’s really refreshing with Emily’s salmon rice bowl is not really the originality, because we’ve seen salmon rice bowls before. But the fact that it is just that, salmon with rice, condiments, and toppings. No cauliflower rice substitutes, not trying to make the meal “low carb” or “fat-free”. It’s a normal, healthy meal. Not only is this a normal meal, but also a leftover meal. I’m all here for it!

So the real question is, how are you eating your salmon rice bowl?

easy healthy recipe

Easy, healthy recipe – super food quinoa

If you’re anything like me you like food, but you’re super lazy when it comes to the actual cooking of the food. Don’t get me wrong, it can be fun to cook when you’re with your friends, talking and laughing over a glass of wine. But when I’m alone, I want to eat my food, not stand in the kitchen for an hour. Because of that, I’ve become the queen of quick, easy, and healthy recipes. Yup, the lazy food lovers have bent the knee for me, and I’m pretty much the Khaleesi of lazy cooking. So, in honor of that I want to share with you this easy, healthy recipe using super food quinoa.

Before we start I want to, again, point out that I’m pretty lazy. Not only when it comes to the actual cooking, but also when it comes to the dishes. It should be easy to clean up your mess, and this recipe just requires one pot, and if you have a non stick pot it’s even easier to clean up. You know what that means, right? A true win-win situation if you ask me!

Easy healthy recipe

Why is quinoa a super food?

Quinoa is a grain that has been dominating the western world with the claims of being the baddest health food around town. If you don’t eat quinoa, are you even a real health blogger!? Before it reached the western world, and got all trendy, quinoa has been a staple in Peru and Bolivia since, pretty much forever. It’s the typical colonization story. Westerners always try to take credit for amazing things that aren’t theirs in the first place… Either way, we are happy that quinoa turned its 15 minutes into being a true icon.

Health benefits of quinoa

First of all I can’t be the only one who really likes the name of quinoa? I mean it feels good as you say it. Quinoa. Almost like a mysterious love spell or the name of a beautiful mythical creature. This versatile grain comes in more than one version. We can find red, white, and black quinoa. What they all have in common is that they contain a lot of plant based protein, fiber, antioxidants, and all the 9 essential amino acids, making this grain the perfect protein alternative for veggie lovers. Oh, and it’s completely gluten free. Quinoa just keeps ticking all the health boxes.

easy healthy recipe

For this healthy quinoa recipe, we will be using white quinoa since it’s the version which cooks the fastest. We’re all about speed here!


1 cup of white quinoa.
2 cups of water.
1/2 can of crushed tomatoes.

Vegetables of choice, I used:

Sweet corn.
Red bell pepper.


Grated ginger.
Cayenne pepper.

Cooking instructions

As mentioned before, this recipe is as easy as as a college kid, super drunk at their first frat party. What you need is a pot and a ladle. Simply add you quinoa to the pot, and add the water. Let it boil up, then lower the heat, and let it cook uncovered for about 10 minutes. When the water is all soaked up by the quinoa, add in some crushed tomatoes, the spices, and all the veggies. Let it simmer until it gets the consistency you like and then BAM, it’s show time! Finish off by adding some sauerkraut on top of the dish. You don’t want to heat up sauerkraut since it kills the healthy bacteria.

easy healthy recipe

Enjoy your healthy quinoa dish!

Vóila my dear friends! This recipe is super easy, healthy, comes with minimal cleaning efforts, and most importantly, it’s delicious. Please let me know if you try it out!


Butternut squash dip

I’ve been obsessing a bit over butternut squash pure lately, and I decided to get some beet chips and blessed them with some butternut squash dip. May I tell you, that the beets thanked me hard and heavy for getting dipped into this orangy, mushy goodness.

Not only is butternut squash delicious, it is also packed with vitamin A, vitamin C, B-6, and magnesium together with a shit ton of fiber. Win win my friends.


Butternut squash purée
Aubergine / Eggplant
Smoked paprika


The process of this recipe is as easy peasy as saying “bone apple tea”. The first thing you need to do is to preheat your oven to 450 degrees. Cut up your eggplant and zucchini into as equally thin pieces as possible. Line them on some wax paper, squeeze on some lime or olive oil and spice up with some salt and pepper (or whatever spices you wish).  Bake in oven for about 15 min/20 min. Keep an eye on those bad boys so they don’t burn.

In a pan with some water, saute your spinach for a minute or two.

In a bowl, mix together your butternut squash pure, the sauteed spinach, and all your spices into a nice creamy dip. Top it off with the eggplant and zucchini, and sprinkle on some chili flakes and black pepper for the esthetics. Guys, that’s it!!

Enjoy with whatever chips or bread you prefer. Go cray cray!