Wow – man

The scripture says that Eve was the one who ate the apple, but who tricked her into it? The snake, aka Adam, the man, who couldn’t resist the beauty of Eve. With a grace like her, Adam was too afraid to pursue, so he had to trick Eve into eating the apple, making her give up the juice. Which, she by the way was very much aware of. She just really enjoyed seeing poor, thirsty Adam work for it, and she also really craved that apple.

Artist: Sandra Chang-Adair

They say size doesn’t matter, and when it comes to women, that for sure is a fact. When we look at men and woman, everything always have to be so black and white. Strong – weak, big – small, right – wrong. For some reason the woman tends to get categorized into all the “smaller” words, which translates into not being viewed as equal, or as worthy. When did this shit happen!? Just because we’re cute and tiny, doesn’t make us less bad ass.

When we look back on evolution, we have always talked about how men were the providers and hunters, while the women gathered plants and took care of the kids. This is not quite accurate. Women were hustling out there on the battle ground, just as hard as men, while being pregnant!! Like hello?! If that ain’t a bad ass move, I don’t know what is. To just have men being the hunters didn’t cut it. Everyone in the community were equal, and everyone had to help out with all the tasks. All or nothing. Literally. They wouldn’t survive otherwise.


Whatever happened in between these times and now, is uncertain. But one thing is for sure, women are powerful as fuck, and men are terrified of us. What we hold is the power of life. We grow life inside us, we are able to multitask and think in ways men aren’t. Mentally and physically strong, we are packed into these beautiful power packages. We are the human shaped super foods. Ancient Egypt had the right idea about women. The Amazon warriors had the right idea about women. Every woman out there has an Amazon warrior, and a Cleopatra within them.

Society is slowly (frickin finally!!!) starting to make changes for women’s equality, and it’s a lucky time for us to be alive right now. The fight is still long, but we are half way there, and we have realized that our voices are not supposed to get shut up or ignored. In the honor of International Women’s Day we salute and celebrate every damn woman out there! Honor how frickin gorgeous you are, how smart, funny, powerful, strong, magnificent, beautiful, unique, the list can go on forever…. Never forget that just because someone might be bigger than you, doesn’t give them the power over you. They might have muscles, but we do have our brains, our beauty, and our innate survival instinct.

Wow-men. That’s what women are. We are the wow to the ordinary men. No hard feelings, we still love you men out there, but without us there wouldn’t be that much wow going on.


March 8 might be the calendars day to acknowledge woman, but every day is our day. We are a crucial part of making the world go around. Never forget, or let anyone diminish the beauty and power you hold.


What is the meaning of life? Everyone asks themselves at least 27 times during their lifetime the question of, “what am I doing with my life?!”

Some people will say that making a lot of money, and being successful is the meaning of life. Some will say that doing what you love is what’s important, and some will say that being happy is the most important thing.

Our society, and our ways of living over human existence, have created certain views and standards about the meaning of life. We all know about the cycle of going to school, getting a good job, fall in love, get married, get kids, work and die.

Having a family, and expanding our line of genes is the most fulfilling thing you can accomplish in life. In our more modern days, we have flipped our way of thinking a little bit, by saying that if you don’t get kids over the course of your lifetime, but focus on your career and become really successful, you are still accomplishing fulfillment. Is this true? Does money, a good job, or a family make up the meaning of life? If this was the case wouldn’t all people with families and fat bank accounts be the happiest people in the world? And don’t even get started on the people who have both!! A family and a fantastic, well payed job. This is, in most instances not the case. But we can take out the good parts in both instances and blend up a unique drink of happiness;

Being around people who you love and who loves you – A family will provide this. Or a friend, or anything else that is a social being, capable of giving you love.
Having money to buy things that makes us able to live and be happy – A good job with a steady income will provide this (And to the people who are against the thought of being rich, no we need money. Without it we can’t live, we can’t eat, we can’t put clothes on our bodies. Even if you are not looking to become a 100 dollar bill throwing blinged up rapper, you still need money to survive)

What we really need in life is purpose. Not Justin Bieber’s album, but real purpose. A purpose gives you the energy to wake up on rainy days. A purpose makes you run the extra mile, a purpose in life makes you feel alive. True purpose is something that will involve other human beings. No matter if you’re a volunteer building up villages in third world countries, or a lawyer fighting to release an innocent man, or a baker, wanting to fulfill the pleasure of eating something delicious. The feeling of knowing that you did something to make someone else feel good is a feeling that beats everything else. The feeling on knowing that your action made a small difference for the better. That’s why we can see really successful people who are making racks on racks on racks, but who are the most anxious and unhappy people ever. They might be lawyers, but defending someone of guilt. They might be producing weapons that are the cause of mass killings in wars, etc. Or we have the people who’s end goal is to make as much money as possible, but when they get there they haven’t made time for anything or anyone else, so they have nobody to share it with. They end up alone, without love or real social human connection. They were working without a purpose, chasing after nothing more than dollar bills and condos.

The best, and absolute ideal way in achieving a happy, meaningful life is to make your purpose generate an income. How do we do this? We have to take our work, or passion and create a purpose from it.  For example, let’s say you have a very strong passion for rollerblading. It’s all you do. Wake up, roller blade, afternoons, the blades come out again, you’re practically having wet dreams about your roller blades. How would you turn rollerblading into a purpose that would help someone else? Well, you could start up a rollerblading school, teaching kids and helping them explore the magic about it. You could become a professional rollerblader, and become an inspiration for people with dreams they think “will never become anything real”. Maybe you invent a new type of roller blade that are not only used for rolling around, but that also acts as a massage tool, to help people get their stubborn knots out faster than ever. You see where I’m going with this? Or do I need to get more invested in roller blades to come up with more ideas and examples?

When you create a purpose from you passion, you will come up with an original solution to something that is helpful, and beneficial to someone, or something in this world. When you shift your dreams and goals towards the fulfilling purpose, your mind will shift and create a stronger discipline that will make your dreams come true. This my friends, is the meaning of life. Having a purpose, and being the reason for a difference in this world, for one person or for a million people. The feeling of purpose is the feeling of power. The feeling of power makes us feel more alive than ever. If feeling the most alive possible isn’t the meaning of life, I don’t know what is.

“There is no selfless good dead.” – I agree with this, and I don’t think there is. But if doing good makes us feel good, I can’t see the bad.

Discipline your ass


Discipline. I’ve thought about how some people have better discipline than others, and that we always blame peoples lack of it for not reaching their goals. Goals in anything. Weight loss, being the champion taco eater, twerker of the year, you get the point. We look at people who has their shit together and we go ”wow, I wish I had the discipline to do what they do! Why is my shit not that well put together!?”

Discipline, in my head, goes hand in hand with addictions and habits. You might think what the hell is she talking about right now, but hear me out. What is discipline? It’s making yourself do or restrain yourself from doing certain things that feels uncomfortable. You disciplined yourself to go to the gym everyday and you don’t eat a whole cake before bed anymore. The discipline turned your desired behavior into a habit, that developed into an addiction. Am I making sense here or just totally out in the water with my bicycle? Meaning that I don’t make sense if you didn’t get my clever metaphor.

Addictions can be a bad thing but it can also be a very good thing, depending on the addiction of course. Drugs? Not the best choice. Exercising and helping others? I like the sound of that. An addiction happens fast, whether it’s to something or someone. Human beings adapt to things fairly fast, it’s in our biology for survival. Have you heard about the statement saying it takes about 21 days to develop a habit? I bet you have. 21 days is three weeks, we are not even talking about a full ass month here! It’s fast enough to make a possible change, and slow enough to realize when a habit is starting to form and then deciding to continue adapting to it or not. I could change up my habits every month if I so please, and had the discipline to do so.

What I believe is that people with better discipline than others realize the fact that by pushing themselves to do something for a short period of time, they will start doing this thing naturally. Out of a habit, out of an addiction. Disciplined people know that if they don’t push themselves over the threshold nobody else will. Three weeks can stand between you and a life changing habit.Three weeks! Do you understand how insane that is? I couldn’t even grow my own tomatoes in that time! Or maybe I could..? I don’t know that much about growing your own tomatoes. Well, back to the point, three weeks in exchange for a life time. Pretty sweet deal. But then we also have those three weeks to force ourselves into uncomfortability, which is why most people don’t do it.

Discipline is your mindset to look at something that seems impossible as no big deal. Visualize yourself succeeding and by doing this you’re making your mind strong enough to put your body into werk! People are lazy biologically (even this a survival instinct) and the only recipe for strong discipline is a strong mind and a strong will to accomplish something.

I don’t know why I started thinking about discipline all off a sudden, but it’s December, almost the end of the year and I feel that a lot of people tend to ”lay off” or put their goals ”on hold” until the new year. It’s now that we need our discipline more than ever. Finish strong and make a way for an even stronger and more productive new year. Just because the year is ending doesn’t mean that you are ending. So focus, visualize, and discipline yourself into the new year and a better you.