Loaded bomb ass potatoes

I’m a bit of a seasonal eater, or a period eater who gets completely addicted to certain foods in periods, and eat them until I don’t even want to hear the name of it. Right now I’m back in a potato jam, and I’ve been all over them. Russet potatoes, sweet potatoes, mashed, baked, raw. Okay, not raw, I haven’t got that into them yet.

These bomb ass jacket potatoes filled with spicy black beans and veggies will do just that, bomb your ass up. If you’re not much of an ass bomber you can go easy on the spice. I’m sorry, please don’t let my immature jokes ruin your appetite! I promise, these potatoes are amazing!

Not only are they amazing, but super easy, cheap, nutritious, vegan, loaded with fiber and completely oil free. It’s a win, win, win no matter what, as DJ Khaled and Ludacris would say.

What you need:

Large potato of choice, I recommend russet potatoes but if sweet potatoes floats your taste buds, go for it.

1 can black beans
1/4 of a red bell pepper
Sweet corn
Chili powder


For a super fast way to bake your potato in the microwave, start by washing it and dry it with a paper towel. Take a fork or knife and stab it a few times to not cause an explosion. Not the results we’re going for. It ain’t New Years yet. Take another piece of paper towel and wash it under cold water, and then squeeze out access water to make sure it’s damp. Place the damp paper towel over your potato on a microwave safe plate and put that bad boy in the microwave for about 4-7min, depending on the size of your spud and your microwave. Try with a few minutes, feel it up, and increase the minutes if needed.

While Mr potato is spinning around in the microwave we can sauté our veggies. To make this oil free you simply put a little water in your pan, heat it up until it starts to boil and then turn it down to medium/low heat. Start by putting in your greens and wilt them down. Add the rest of the veggies and season with salt pepper and the rest of the spices. I never measure anything, I just go by feeling. If you want more or less of something, it’s all up to you. You’re the one who’s going to be eating it, not me. Please yourself!

Finish off by adding the beans and add some more seasoning and spices if you like. Taste and explore! Give the food some love by some sweet talking – this is the secret ingredient. Makes everything taste amazing.

The final step is to assemble it all together. Cut your potato open and fill it with the bean mixture. Slice some avocado on top and sauce it up with salsa. Finito! You’re also going to have a lot of leftovers from the beans and veggies, so have a little dinner party with your loved one, save it for leftovers or just eat it all by yourself! Bon apple tea!