Nourish your inner child

Do you ever look at a little baby and think “damn, how is that little tiny shit going to become an grown ass person?” That little tiny body is going to expand and turn into this individual who can either do amazing things or fuck shit up completely. Such an innocent lump, just craving some boob milk and love, with a whole life of unknown in front of it. I don’t look at a baby and think  “Omg that’s a cute baby”, no my thoughts go deep.


We have all been babies, duuh. We have all been children. We have all been through crazy phases of life experiences, body changes, personality changes, and so much more. At what point do we define the end of being a child? When we reach a certain age? When we get into puberty? When we become x amounts of inches tall? Who, what, and when defines the end of our childhood? Well, at a certain point we have to take care of ourselves, but why does this have to mean that we loose this other part of us that was the true person we were when we entered this world?

I love to look at pictures of myself as a child. Yes, I’m just that into myself. I can’t get enough of this version, so I have to revisit the past and check out that cute little sassy child. No, but I think it’s fascinating. Somewhere along my life, I just turned into the person I am now. You don’t realize these changes until you actually look at yourself. And honestly, I frikkin love that little child-me that I see when I look at the photos. She was such a go-getter, bubbly, sassy, creative, she was just such a bad ass!

Self love is something that gets lost in the process of growing up. We become hard on ourselves and put a lot of pressure on ourselves. Something that’s so amazing about looking back at old photos is that you see yourself living care free and full of joy. You did you, and that was it. There was never something that made you doubt in yourself, because you just never had the time to think about stupid shit like that. If you had ideas, you made them happen. You played, you laughed, you cried, and you did it whenever and wherever.

When you judge yourself, doubt yourself, or look down on yourself I want you to take a look at a photo of yourself as a child. A photo that you really like and that brings joy to you. Look at this child, would you ever want something bad to happen to it? Would you ever want someone to harm or hurt it? No, right? So why are you hurting and harming yourself with toxic thoughts and actions? Take care of this child. Nourish it, help it to become the best it can be – Nourish you, and help you to become the best it can be. Just as your future self one day will look back at this version of you, and take care of you.


Welcome the new, improved YOU

As the last day of the year is upon us, we start to reminisce about the year past, where we are, and where we want to be.We make new goals, out frequencies are higher than the weed doctors on Venice Beach, and we believe that all our dreams will come true as we watch the fireworks paint the sky in colors, and the streets in trash. New Year’s Eve is a magical night indeed. For a few hours we get to present our best selves to the  world, and the new year. We prepare the biggest feasts, we wear diamonds, long dresses, suits, sparkles, red lips, the whole chibang. We dance the night away, we have a few too many drinks, and then we wake up the day after with a torn dress, hiding behind a greasy pizza. Ah, the charm of the crisp New Years day. Hopefully, you made goals for last New Years to not drink so much and to have healthier eating habits.


Looking back and reflecting on your year is great. It’s always fascinating to see where we are now, compared to a year back. Things we never thought would happen usually happens, and we stumble on situations we never saw coming. We get stronger, we might get weaker, but we always learn a lesson (hopefully). Setting new goals is also great for the year to come. We all need directions in life, we need that sense of purpose. By setting goals for ourselves we are making sure that we are working towards something. It can be to be a better sibling, to publish that book you’ve started but never finished, to participate in a 5 k run, create the best chocolate chip cookies of all time, anything! Your life, your journey. The directions and the goals you set will subconsciously direct you towards the path you are meant to walk. But then comes the tricky part – following up with our goals. We all know the drill, it’s all fun and cute when you take out that pretty journal and write down what you want to accomplish, but then comes the new year, and that greasy pizza new years day, and three weeks in your journal is tossed away in some drawer together with five other journals from the years before.


Why do we do this? I shouldn’t say that all of us do this, because to the people who actually persist with something, they always make their goals come true. What I’ve realized is that you will go through this process over, and over again. You will set goals, and you will try, and when it dies out, it might be that you’re just a lazy ass who never gets anything done, or it might just be that the goal you  thought you wanted to reach, isn’t what you’re truly meant to be doing. I believe that when you put your mind into something that you believe in, from deep within your soul, you will do it. It’s still going to take time, you will still have obstacles, and you might even put it back on the shelf for a while. But if it’s really your purpose, your gut will tell you that it’s time to pick it up again.

I also think that another important step in reaching your goals is to focus more on the person you want to become. You have to get shaped and molded into the person who are capable of reaching your goals. We often feel like we’re setting the bar too high for ourselves. We get into the thinking of “Eh, I could never be THAT person.” What kind of person would it be that can accomplish your goals? Think about that instead. Work on becoming that person. Trust me, anyone can become any person they want to be, the only thing stopping you is your head. “I’m not confident enough, I’m not outgoing enough, I’m not that, I could never be this, bla, bla, and blaaa.”Bitch please, YES you can be everything you think you can’t, you just have to switch the can’t button to can!!!


I really do believe that this is where our goals and dreams tend to wash out in the sand. It’s when we feel doubt, and when we act on it. We talk ourselves out of finishing something because we feel stupid, and that we’re not good enough. When we’re setting our goals we are so focused on the thing, the end ahead, don’t get me wrong, this is great, but we never focus on ourselves. We need to focus on how we can become the person who will accomplish the goals instead of only focusing on the goal itself. Your goal should always be you.YOUare the person who have to make sure your dreams and goals come true, so YOU are the thing that you have to focus on. YOU are the tool you need to mold, shape, craft, scratch, improve, beat down, and lift up, and love. You will always be a star in the making. Even when you’re up there shining so bright, people think you made a “Ross Geller” from F.R.I.E.N.D.S (Only real F.R.I.E.N.D.S enthusiasts will get this, I know), you still have improvements to do. You can never stop improving, and that’s something important we all need to understand. Our egos can come in the way sometimes, but we have to push that sucker away.


Also important, if you “fail” to accomplish any of your goals, please calm down. It’s not the end of the world. Don’t beat yourself up! Get back on that high horse and race away!! Just don’t be too hard on yourself. And have a great New Year! Stay out of trouble, and make sure not to blow anyone up.


And I had to end this post with two pictures to explain the whole Ross Geller from F.R.I.E.N.D.S thing.


What is the meaning of life? Everyone asks themselves at least 27 times during their lifetime the question of, “what am I doing with my life?!”

Some people will say that making a lot of money, and being successful is the meaning of life. Some will say that doing what you love is what’s important, and some will say that being happy is the most important thing.

Our society, and our ways of living over human existence, have created certain views and standards about the meaning of life. We all know about the cycle of going to school, getting a good job, fall in love, get married, get kids, work and die.

Having a family, and expanding our line of genes is the most fulfilling thing you can accomplish in life. In our more modern days, we have flipped our way of thinking a little bit, by saying that if you don’t get kids over the course of your lifetime, but focus on your career and become really successful, you are still accomplishing fulfillment. Is this true? Does money, a good job, or a family make up the meaning of life? If this was the case wouldn’t all people with families and fat bank accounts be the happiest people in the world? And don’t even get started on the people who have both!! A family and a fantastic, well payed job. This is, in most instances not the case. But we can take out the good parts in both instances and blend up a unique drink of happiness;

Being around people who you love and who loves you – A family will provide this. Or a friend, or anything else that is a social being, capable of giving you love.
Having money to buy things that makes us able to live and be happy – A good job with a steady income will provide this (And to the people who are against the thought of being rich, no we need money. Without it we can’t live, we can’t eat, we can’t put clothes on our bodies. Even if you are not looking to become a 100 dollar bill throwing blinged up rapper, you still need money to survive)

What we really need in life is purpose. Not Justin Bieber’s album, but real purpose. A purpose gives you the energy to wake up on rainy days. A purpose makes you run the extra mile, a purpose in life makes you feel alive. True purpose is something that will involve other human beings. No matter if you’re a volunteer building up villages in third world countries, or a lawyer fighting to release an innocent man, or a baker, wanting to fulfill the pleasure of eating something delicious. The feeling of knowing that you did something to make someone else feel good is a feeling that beats everything else. The feeling on knowing that your action made a small difference for the better. That’s why we can see really successful people who are making racks on racks on racks, but who are the most anxious and unhappy people ever. They might be lawyers, but defending someone of guilt. They might be producing weapons that are the cause of mass killings in wars, etc. Or we have the people who’s end goal is to make as much money as possible, but when they get there they haven’t made time for anything or anyone else, so they have nobody to share it with. They end up alone, without love or real social human connection. They were working without a purpose, chasing after nothing more than dollar bills and condos.

The best, and absolute ideal way in achieving a happy, meaningful life is to make your purpose generate an income. How do we do this? We have to take our work, or passion and create a purpose from it.  For example, let’s say you have a very strong passion for rollerblading. It’s all you do. Wake up, roller blade, afternoons, the blades come out again, you’re practically having wet dreams about your roller blades. How would you turn rollerblading into a purpose that would help someone else? Well, you could start up a rollerblading school, teaching kids and helping them explore the magic about it. You could become a professional rollerblader, and become an inspiration for people with dreams they think “will never become anything real”. Maybe you invent a new type of roller blade that are not only used for rolling around, but that also acts as a massage tool, to help people get their stubborn knots out faster than ever. You see where I’m going with this? Or do I need to get more invested in roller blades to come up with more ideas and examples?

When you create a purpose from you passion, you will come up with an original solution to something that is helpful, and beneficial to someone, or something in this world. When you shift your dreams and goals towards the fulfilling purpose, your mind will shift and create a stronger discipline that will make your dreams come true. This my friends, is the meaning of life. Having a purpose, and being the reason for a difference in this world, for one person or for a million people. The feeling of purpose is the feeling of power. The feeling of power makes us feel more alive than ever. If feeling the most alive possible isn’t the meaning of life, I don’t know what is.

“There is no selfless good dead.” – I agree with this, and I don’t think there is. But if doing good makes us feel good, I can’t see the bad.