What is the meaning of life? Everyone asks themselves at least 27 times during their lifetime the question of, “what am I doing with my life?!”

Some people will say that making a lot of money, and being successful is the meaning of life. Some will say that doing what you love is what’s important, and some will say that being happy is the most important thing.

Our society, and our ways of living over human existence, have created certain views and standards about the meaning of life. We all know about the cycle of going to school, getting a good job, fall in love, get married, get kids, work and die.

Having a family, and expanding our line of genes is the most fulfilling thing you can accomplish in life. In our more modern days, we have flipped our way of thinking a little bit, by saying that if you don’t get kids over the course of your lifetime, but focus on your career and become really successful, you are still accomplishing fulfillment. Is this true? Does money, a good job, or a family make up the meaning of life? If this was the case wouldn’t all people with families and fat bank accounts be the happiest people in the world? And don’t even get started on the people who have both!! A family and a fantastic, well payed job. This is, in most instances not the case. But we can take out the good parts in both instances and blend up a unique drink of happiness;

Being around people who you love and who loves you – A family will provide this. Or a friend, or anything else that is a social being, capable of giving you love.
Having money to buy things that makes us able to live and be happy – A good job with a steady income will provide this (And to the people who are against the thought of being rich, no we need money. Without it we can’t live, we can’t eat, we can’t put clothes on our bodies. Even if you are not looking to become a 100 dollar bill throwing blinged up rapper, you still need money to survive)

What we really need in life is purpose. Not Justin Bieber’s album, but real purpose. A purpose gives you the energy to wake up on rainy days. A purpose makes you run the extra mile, a purpose in life makes you feel alive. True purpose is something that will involve other human beings. No matter if you’re a volunteer building up villages in third world countries, or a lawyer fighting to release an innocent man, or a baker, wanting to fulfill the pleasure of eating something delicious. The feeling of knowing that you did something to make someone else feel good is a feeling that beats everything else. The feeling on knowing that your action made a small difference for the better. That’s why we can see really successful people who are making racks on racks on racks, but who are the most anxious and unhappy people ever. They might be lawyers, but defending someone of guilt. They might be producing weapons that are the cause of mass killings in wars, etc. Or we have the people who’s end goal is to make as much money as possible, but when they get there they haven’t made time for anything or anyone else, so they have nobody to share it with. They end up alone, without love or real social human connection. They were working without a purpose, chasing after nothing more than dollar bills and condos.

The best, and absolute ideal way in achieving a happy, meaningful life is to make your purpose generate an income. How do we do this? We have to take our work, or passion and create a purpose from it.  For example, let’s say you have a very strong passion for rollerblading. It’s all you do. Wake up, roller blade, afternoons, the blades come out again, you’re practically having wet dreams about your roller blades. How would you turn rollerblading into a purpose that would help someone else? Well, you could start up a rollerblading school, teaching kids and helping them explore the magic about it. You could become a professional rollerblader, and become an inspiration for people with dreams they think “will never become anything real”. Maybe you invent a new type of roller blade that are not only used for rolling around, but that also acts as a massage tool, to help people get their stubborn knots out faster than ever. You see where I’m going with this? Or do I need to get more invested in roller blades to come up with more ideas and examples?

When you create a purpose from you passion, you will come up with an original solution to something that is helpful, and beneficial to someone, or something in this world. When you shift your dreams and goals towards the fulfilling purpose, your mind will shift and create a stronger discipline that will make your dreams come true. This my friends, is the meaning of life. Having a purpose, and being the reason for a difference in this world, for one person or for a million people. The feeling of purpose is the feeling of power. The feeling of power makes us feel more alive than ever. If feeling the most alive possible isn’t the meaning of life, I don’t know what is.

“There is no selfless good dead.” – I agree with this, and I don’t think there is. But if doing good makes us feel good, I can’t see the bad.

Let's push this Gratitude thing again


(This picture of 2 Chainz is acually very relevant to this post, I promise)

Gratitude, being grateful, say thanks, appreciate what you have, bla bla… We always hear this. Everyone is telling us to be grateful. I’ve said it before and I will definitely say it again, right now actually. Be grateful. There, I said it! Wohoo!

I can’t push this enough, but gratitude is the key component to a happy life, period. It doesn’t matter what you want in life or where you want to be. If you can’t stop for a second, spin around and take a long nice look, up and down, at the beautiful things you have in life you’re never going to go anywhere. You might not have flashy cars, or gold chains so long 2 Chainz would get embarrassed, but you do have a lot in your life that deserves to be acknowledged and to be grateful for. Not that I would want to have gold chains draping down on the streets when I walk, but you get the point. I mean, it would be a very good alternative to a weapon in any self defense situation… Taking your chain and swinging it around like a lasso, knocking the shit out of the little fucker trying to attack you. So yes, on second thoughts, I might invest in some long ass gold chains in the future. Okay, totally off topic!!

Do you have a roof over your head? Did you slam in some food in your mouth today? You took a shower today? Did you shake your ass like you wanted it to fall off? You have people who make you happy? Did your parrot learn how to say “Damn, girl!”?
I’mma tell you, I’mma tell you this right now, if you woke up this morning’, nigga you winnin’ for realDeep quote from our beloved friend 2 Chainz ( I HAD TO!!!!)

I really like how this 2 Chainz theme is occurring throughout this post, and I also hope you see the simple point of gratitude. Life is life, you didn’t choose your life or your circumstances, you just popped out one day and was like “Oh, shit, okay, I’m a living thing now. Cool.” The power you do have is what you choose to make out of your situation. Gratitude is the easiest way to embrace the fact that you, just YOU are alive! And on top of that you have plenty of things that you can, and should be grateful for. Simple things, anything. You’re breathing, that’s a pretty huge deal! Thanks for oxygen! Make it a habit to say thank you every day! Do like 2 Chainz! Wake up, and win! Bam bam bam!



Things to do everyday

Every day is certainly different, and not all days will be a ride on fluffy clouds surrounded by pink dolphins and camouflaged monkeys. Some days will be a shit show as soon as you wake up and you feel like those fluffy clouds are suffocating you. This is life, things can’t be 100 all the time, but things can be good. It just takes a little effort, and once you’ve made these small things a habit you will have a good day, you might even make a shit show into a banger.

  • Be grateful. When you wake up from a lovely dream by that annoying alarm clock shit sucks, but take some time to just lay there in your bed and think about 3 things (or more) that you are truly grateful for. It can be the most simple things. “I’m grateful for being alive, that I won the taco eating competition yesterday without a stomach ache, or whatever you are truly grateful for!
  • Make a cocky ass boss listand read it out loud everyday. Make a list where you write down everything that makes you a bad ass. This list is just for you so seriously write down everything that you like about yourself. It can be how shallow or how deep as you like. Just make sure to read it out loud to yourself, and believe it. Own yourself!!
  • Be kind and helpful to to others. Give to others! I’m not talking about handing out gifts to random people but I’m talking about the smallest things. Smile to people, say hello to strangers, help someone if you can offer them your help. To things for people without expecting anything in return. Trust me, this makes you feel good, and without even realizing it, good things will come back to you.
  • Appreciate the people in your life. Make it a habit to tell the people in your life how much you appreciate and love them. Make them feel special to be a part of your life. Send a text, give them a call, see them in person, just let them know how much they glorify your life.
  • Move you body. Stand up and shake dat ass! No, but move, exercise. You don’t have to runt a marathon everyday, but make sure you put your body in some kind of motion everyday. we all know that exercise releases endorphins and all that good good stress relief.
  • Eat the rainbow. Yes guys, you got to eat your veggies. Eat healthy in general. We all know how crappy we feel after eating massive amounts of sugar or fatty fast food. Just avoid that to the best of your ability. Don’t restrict yourself either though, because restriction usually leads to a major binge, and that’s probably the worst you can ever do.
  • Floss. Okay, I’m want to lie and say that I floss my grillz everyday, but no, I don’t. I do floss the majority of the week, but those days after a late night ain’t nobody got time for flossing… But, make it a habit! Take care of your teeth guys!

Alrighty! So here’s a few tips and tricks that can make a bad day a little better, and might even turn you day into a great day. Bottom line, be a good person, a genuine, good-hearted person. Be grateful, show appreciation. That’s the best things you can do, everyday.

To end this post, here’s a pic of me a couple of years ago, showing the finger with two bread rolls. It’s all love though.