Toxic Cleanse


Why does it come a time when everything is going so great and then all of a sudden it’s like we are falling into a deep hole of darkness and negativity and we feel drained and weighed down. What happened? You weren’t doing anything different?

I’ve experienced this multiple times in my life, and it’s now recently that I’ve understood why, or at least what I think is the cause of the problem. Energies. They are everywhere. I’m a sponge when it comes to energies. I feed of of peoples energies even when they try to hide them. You can act like you’re happy but if you’re actually sad or anxious I will feed of that energy and start to feel the same way even after I leave you.

There’s a lot of toxins everywhere around us, from the food we eat, to the people we surround ourselves with. Cleaning out toxic foods are easy. With a little bit of discipline and will power you can cleanse your body through your food, but people can be a little bit trickier. First of all because we rarely think about the people around us being the cause of our down word spiral, so we don’t acknowledge it. If we do realize that certain people causes us to feel down what do we even do? Just shoot them a text and be like “yo buddy, your vibe is kinda off, and it makes me feel pretty shitty. I don’t want to hang around you anymore.” – Yes, this is exactly what you do. Okay, not really exactly like this, but a people cleanse is as important as a food and body cleanse. Understand that I’m not saying that just because your best friend who is a great and fantastic human being has a bad day does it mean that you’re going to dump them. What I’m talking about is the people who constantly make you feel down after you are around them. You have to recognize a pattern. The same pattern as you might feel when you’ve been eating a lot of junk food, or you’ve been drinking to much or not been able to see the people you love in a while. Recognize who and what makes you feel a certain way and remove yourself from that situation. UPKN3871

I’ve found myself with people who are great and nice, but somehow I wake up the next day and I feel drained, and I keep feeling this way for days. I hang out with them again, and the pattern repeats itself. Intuition people. Intuition tells you that things might not be as great as it looks at the surface.

Something that is also important to realize is that YOU can be this negative energy spreading around towards others. Don’t think that you’re a saint, I’m not even saying that I am, even though I am, but whatever (I’m just kidding, relax). Your negative spiral causes you to give off negative energies which can put someone else down. So what to do? Clean yourself! I’m not talking about a hard core scrub until your skin peels off, even though a shower is not a bad idea.

Take a a shower – imagine that with the water you’re washing away all your negative energies.
Journal – write down your feelings. Set them free. Don’t hold them inside you to build up sadness and anxiety.
Meditate – Let your thoughts go, and breath them out.
Eat clean – Eat fruit, veggies, whole grains, legumes. Eat food from the earth, not dead things. To not be eating something dead that has lived life in fear and anxiety sounds like common sense to me but, you know, some people still thinks that eating dead animals is great for health…

When you are clean from you bad energies it’s time to recognize what you have to remove to not get involved with these energies again. To be honest it will become clear to you after taking the time to clean yourself. Is it food related, work related, people related? Whatever it might be, get rid of the toxins!! You’re to good to be living a life with bad vibes when you can be this flourishing viby ass bundle of joy!


Good vibes only!