Stay Timelss with Jord (+giveaway)

Time. Sometimes it can’t go fast enough, and sometimes there seems to not be enough of it. Earth rotations, seasonal changes, work hours, however we view time, it’s said to be the most valuable thing we have.

I mean, if time is the most valuable thing we have, why not wear it in style!? There’s not much that can beat a unique, yet classic, timeless watch around your wrist. Where do you get a masterpiece like this you might wonder? – JORD, with their unique wooden watches is where. Wooden watches? Yes, you heard right! If a wooden watch isn’t unique enough, JORD is the Swedish word for Earth, and what’s more timeless and beautiful than mother earth herself?  Time will pass you by, together with beautiful moments and new experiences, so why not let your JORD watch take care of the time, while you enjoy your life to the max?

I’m going to be honest here, I am very picky when it comes to accessories, and especially watches. They can be too big, to heavy, pinch your skin, you know what I mean. My JORD watch is literally the opposite of that. It’s custom fitted just for me, and despite being made out of wood, it’s extremely light. It almost becomes a part of you. Your own unique stylish timekeeper. Their classics designs also makes it easy for me to match it with every outfit. From colors, to the basics.

I completely adore my JORD watch, and guess what?? You have the chance to enjoy one of these bad boys as well! By entering the JORD give away contest right here, you can get your own one delivered straight to your doorstep. Just by entering you’ll get a 10% discount on your watch, so it’s a win win either way. From the wood provided by mother nature, to your wrist. Sound pretty sweet to me.

Man, female, animal, or fish – JORD has a style for everyone! Head over to their website to see the full collections. Your unique piece is just a few clicks away!!

Wooden Wrist Watch

Sustainable Fashion


Did you ever think you would dress yourself in an outfit made out of plastic bottles or skateboards? Look into the future my friend, see the light!

Beyond The Label hosted a Sustainable Fashion Show last night in Santa Monica. Different clothing brands showed their work, which is all made out of recycled textiles and other materials. Everything on the runway was sustainable. From the shoes, clothes, to the make up the models wore. Pretty cool! And it shows that it’s possible to make great clothing without causing unnecessary damage to the environment.

Each year more than 89 million tons of municipal solid waste gets composed – in the US alone. So that shirt that’s been laying around in the back of your closet for years that you just throw away will have extremely negative effects on the environment. To produce the amount of cotton for one single shirt it can take up to 2,700 liters of water. For one shirt! That’s insane!

I mean I think we all know about how bad waste is for the environment, but how many does really make the biggest effort to change their recycling habits? Honestly, people… I don’t… But we should! Beyond The Label really showed how sustainability can be fun and fashionable, and how we all can get better at recycling and make sure we donate our old clothes for reuse. Put the sweet, sexy, and sassy in sustainable and be aware of how you waste and shop – til you drop. Dead. Kidding. Maybe. What?

The brands at the fashion show with links to their websites:

Bead & Reel – Women’s apparel
LA Relaxed – Women’s apparel

Sita Couture  – Women’s apparel
Mink Shoes – Women’s shoes
Outerknown – Men’s apparel
prAna – Men’s and Women’s fashion with focus on active wear