Because Pasta is life


Pasta, pasta, pasta. They are just like people, comes in different shapes and sizes. Some are long, some are short, some are crocked and some are in a funny shape. Does it matter? No, because in the end we love them all. Not to ruin the beautiful moment but I could live without spaghetti. Haters will hate on me for saying that, but they’re way to thin and long! Give me some substance to it, like a long ans sleek tagliatelle instead and I’m on board. The best thing about the lil pasta homies is that they are so simple to put together and they pair up with literally anything! Tomato sauce, pesto, cheesy sauce, chocolate, twigs and bark form nature itself, the list goes on my friends!

What I like the most, or one of the things I like the most because I like a shit load of things, is to let the pasta shine and whip up an easy pasta dish with fresh vegetables. Fresh, yummy, bomchickawowaa, and all those other nice sound effects.

I’m not going to tell you how to make pasta with veggies because it’s pretty straight forward. Boil up those bad boys and add veggies. There you go. This post is more a sweet little appreciation to the beloved pasta than an actual recipe. Sometimes food staples need love too! Not that pasta needs more shine than it already has, everyone loves this dude. Someone who does need more love is the potato or rice. They don’t get that much love. Well, next time. Let’s let pasta shine some more.