Shroomy Scramble

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Easy, peasy, delicious!

Yes, it’s possible to wake up in the morning and load up on a nice filling scramble, with no eggs….say whaaat!?

I know, tofu has got itself a bad rep, but dear friends you can’t hate until you ain’t! That made no sense what so ever but trust me this Tofu scramble tastes like scrambled eggs. The secret is the seasoning. Tofu is a cameleon, he adapts to the environment faster than a jaguar sprinting across the savanna to hunt down a gezelle. Throw in some mushrooms for some extra umami flavor or just because mushrooms are delicious.

What you need to whip this bad boy up:

1 block firm Tofu
Any veggies of your preference
Red pepper
Garlic powder
Nutritional yeast

As you would do a normal egg, just whip it all up together in a pan, add the veggies and mushrooms together with your spices. So easy! And no nasty eggy liquidy shit to deal with. Serve with some bread or just eat it as it is. Breakfast, breakfast for dinner, lunch, you choose my friend.