Is coffee healthy? Let’s clear it up once and for all.

One day we’re encouraged to drink coffee and the next we’re reading about how our morning lover will kill us softly. What to believe? Is coffee really healthy or is it the sinner in the name of nutrition? It’s time to clear up the coffee rumor once and for all!


What is coffee – A pretty stupid question for the people of this and past centuries, but to clear the air – coffee as we know it is the sweet juices of the brewed coffee beans which are the seeds of the berries from coffee plants. We love coffee because of the caffeine it contains. Humans love coffee! Or to be more specific, we love caffeine. It kicks the sense in our body after waking up and it can turn a grey day bright. Caffeine is usually the reason why coffee gets a bad reputation, and that is when it’s over consumed.

Caffeine – Yes, let’s talk about caffeine. The love hate relationship we have created around it. Caffeine is predominately known to be in coffee, but we can find it in a lot of foods. Tea and even chocolate are two commonly devoured foods or drinks that also contain caffeine. And pretty much of it. Black tea will spark up that caffeine fire just as well as a cup of coffee and if you’re sipping on green tea, especially matcha you will be over the moon with caffeine joy. When it comes to chocolate the caffeine content will vary depending on the amount of cocoa in it. The darker the chocolate, the higher the amount of caffeine. Am I saying that munching on a 80% chocolate bar will make you go energy bunny crazy? Probably not, but it will get you up and going.


Health benefits of coffee – Coffee is healthy right? We have read about the reaping benefits of this magical potion. And I can gladly say that yes, coffee is healthy. It contains a lot of antioxidants which are beneficial for slowing down the oxidation (aging) process of our cells. The caffeine makes us more alert by blocking the neurotransmitter adenosine’s receptors which prolongs the feeling of getting tired. How this works in the brain is that the chemical structure of caffein resembles the structure of the adenosine receptors. So when you drink coffee the caffein flows up in the brain and simply lays itself over the adenosine and voila, the sleepy feeling is blocked. For a while. Some research has also shown that coffee may protect against parkinson’s disease and can increase longevity. Since coffee is a natural brew that has been drunken for centuries, I believe that it sure does have positive health benefits. When a good thing turns bad is when we over do it.

Negative effects of coffee – When you have reached the point of being dependent on your morning joy, you know that you’re in trouble. If you need 3 or more cups of coffee a day to simply feel like a normal human you should try to cut back. Drinking to much coffee can increases the amount of adrenalin in your boy which causes rapid heart beat and can put your body in stress mode. Stress mode on our body mans that we are constantly in a fight or flight response which in the long run will have negative effects on digestion and increase the risk of heart disease. The speed in which you body metabolizes caffein dos also play a huge roll in your risk of having heart related problems. Sipping to many cups may also cause dehydration and anxiety just like any other stimulant. This in the long run will also effect your sleep and lead to insomnia.

Other energy sources

Water – Boring plain old water. No, we shouldn’t call it boring – it’s timeless. Timeless water. The lack of water will cause dehydration which simply makes you feel more tired than you actually are. Make sure to stay hydrated throughout the day and watch your afternoon drovzyness fade away.

Apples – The perfect bring along snack. There’s a reason why teachers love them so much, it keeps them energized. Small but mighty, apples packs up with vitamins and minerals such as vitamin c and potassium. Apples are also an excellent dipping tool for nut butters and chocolate spreads.

Hummus – Another loveable dip. Made out of chickpeas hummus is an excellent source of energy! The hot chicks are not only packed with protein and fiber but chickpeas also contain high amounts of iron, folate and manganese. Hummus comes in endless varieties. From the original flavor to beet flavored, jalapeno flavored, pretty much any flavor you can imagine. If you buy hummus at the grocery store, just make sure to get a brand that doesn’t add in unhealthy oils and other stupid stuff.

Curry – Spice it up! Curry can, when eaten together with a nutritious meal boost your energy levels. The warm, cozy fragrant spice does more than just add flavor to your meal. Now you have another reason to sprinkle curry on everything! Sure, it does have a pretty fragrant smell, but who cares!? Be smelly, energized and own it!


So, what have this article shown? Pretty much that an over consumption of coffee is bad for us, just like overdosing on any other stimulant. Well, to be fair I think it’s way more healthy to have a coffee addiction than a cocaine addiction… If you have to make a pick. Since the caffeine content is very dominant in coffee it can be a good idea to switch out one or two of your cups of coffee with some tea or maybe a hot chocolate? Decrease your daily cups and start to add in more nutritious and energy packed food into your diet instead. You body will thank you in the long run. Departing from your dear friend might lead to withdrawals, but once you pass over the threshold you’ll enjoy your coffee way more when you have do have it once in a while.

I like you very Matcha




It’s time to get up, move that ass and take over the world! Coffee is so last week, and matcha is the new caffeine so why not hit up Shuhari Matcha Café on Abbot Kinney Blvd in Venice? I think ya’ll should lil mamas and papas!

The amazing matcha is a more concentrated form of green tea where the tea leaves are grounded up into a powder to get that goodness from the tea leaves, and a high ass caffeine level. It’s packed with the healthy antioxidants polyphenol, which keeps you looking fresh and young as a real and keeps you blood sugar levels in a good place.

Seriously though, with caffeine and all these healthy stuff, why are you still drinking coffee!? Matcha got ya! It does need to be more commercialized though, I totally agree with that. Starbucks, where them matcha lattes at?