Stop having children!

Babies are popping out like fireworks on New Years eve. Planned or unplanned, we are animals by nature and making babies pop is what we do. Back in the days it was an obvious choice to get married and have babies. It wasn’t even a choice or a question. Your life was already set up in the way that you met a spouse, got married, got down and dirty and there you go. Back in the reeeeal days, like back to our ancestors and cave men times, reproduction was the only way of survival. Today we don’t need to reproduce at that rate. Today we are so many people that we’re practically falling of the earth. We are more educated, and we know that this massive population growth is one of the causes of poverty.

To many children are being born into poverty every second, and the lack of education and boundaries in these countries is causing a vicious cycle. The majority of these people will not get the same opportunities to proper education and health care which is causing major problems in our societies on a domestic and global scale. Of course we can donate money and build up the poor societies but then what? Without any education and proper jobs the cycle will continue. So what to do? Stop having babies.


If you happen to be a couple of wealthy human beings who just put a ring on it and ready to make some babies, please consider adoption. I know, I always get the argument “but I want a child that’s mine, who shares my DNA”. I can understand that, but with the world we live in and with a society that has a different attitude towards marriage, and is far more educated about our global problems I think it’s selfish to be thinking this way. I know that reproduction is in our biological nature, but as I mentioned before, we are also far more educated now, and we don’t need reproduction for survival as we did when we were hunting down mammoths.  By adopting a child you are now a small part of a solution that will bring children out of poverty, educate them, let them live longer healthier successful lives and be able to contribute to greater things in our society.


The most impact we can have on poverty and overpopulation is by stop the baby making machine and spend the same money we would on our “own DNA” kiddo, but on an already existing child who needs it, together with endless love, even more. When we get children we are putting people into society. The small chubby little things that we think are so cute and adorable are going to be the people who will lead our world in the future. It’s not just nursery rhymes and diaper changes you have to deal with, you are responsible to put a sane, healthy person into this world. To have a child is more of a responsibility than passing along your genes and making your parents shut up about finally becoming grandparents. The best thing we can do for our world and our future is to take care of, and educate the people that we already have.