Are orgasms healthy?

Let’s talk about the one topic every human finds interesting. No matter if you’re black, white, tall, short, boy, a girl or a nun we all sharpen our ears a little bit harder when sex is the topic of discussion. Since we all essentially came from sex, and we all sooner or later will develop an interest in it (you know, hello there evolution), it can be interesting to see if there are any health benefits to it, and especially, are orgasms healthy?

What is an orgasm?

Well, we all know that an orgasm is the peak of sexual pleasure. The grand finale, the climax, the part where we afterward say something awkward like “high five dude!”, or “that was cool”. Or if you’re riding solo you might just high five yourself.

What we first associate orgasms with is the genitalia pleasure, but actually, it all takes place in the brain. And, believe it or not, it’s absolutely possible to achieve an orgasm without having anyone touching you at all. No, I’m serious. What about that trip, huh? Casually strolling down the street, and then bam!!

To be fair, everything we do is connected to our brains, so that an orgasm shouldn’t take place in the brain would be kinda weird. During the orgasm itself, our brains enter party mode x 1000. With an overload of dopamine released to your body, the brain is bouncing up and down like an energizer bunny. If the brain during orgasm was a person, you’d want to bring this guy to every single rave. Besides the release of dopamine the brain also flushes out a stream of oxytocin through our bodies, which we will get more in to below.


What are the health benefits of orgasms, are there any?

Okay, so now let’s get into the fun part! Are there actual health benefits to reaching the big O more than just feeling pretty awesome? Continue reading and you’ll find out!

Glowing skin

Since an orgasm pretty much is an overdose of feel-good hormones, our stress levels go down significantly. And since stress and anxiety can be a cause of aging skin, I do recommend that you take a quick break once in a while during stressful times and gett off a little. Think “The wolf of wall street”, they made it pretty clear that if you don’t get off once in a while you’ll burn out.

During sex, and an orgasm our blood is flowing like crazy, being able to carry more oxygen to our skin. An increase of oxygen causes collagen production, which, if you have ever read on any anti-aging face cream, is the magic formula for slowing down aging.

For us chicas, we also release HGH – human growth hormone which also helps us obtain our youthful glow. Does this mean that you should go an inject a bunch of growth hormones? Definitely no! Get it the natural way through exercise, and you know, a few orgasms here and there.

Strengthen your heart

Sex is a physical act, you move around, it takes effort, you might break a sweat, your heart gets pumping, basically it’s a form of exercise. Obviously, the more work you put in, the more you’ll burn during a steamy session. And to be honest, you’ll probably have more fun as well. Movement and exercise are all part of the healthy heart formula, so get on that high horse to not only feel good but to make your heart stronger and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease as well.


Become closer

So, ever wondered why sex can cause a slight obsession with your partner after reaching orgasm? It’s because of the oxytocin released during the big O. Oxytocin is a hormone that causes us to bond and get closer to each other. During childbirth and breastfeeding, oxytocin is released as well, which explains the attachment a mother feels towards her child.

And ladies, I know that we can sometimes become a bit crazy, and we have all heard guys tell stories about “that crazy girl” after sex. Not to say acting crazy is a woman thing only, guys also have some crazy in them! But, women do have a stronger reason for it, since the release of oxytocin continues to get released even after the orgasm itself, while it in men just happens during the orgasm.


Cure your cold

Maybe getting down and dirty might not be the top priority when you’re down with the sniffles, but if you do manage to convince your partner to get a little frisky the orgasm comes with a lot of nice benefits. I mean, if you don’t have a partner you might as well get it on by yourself!

Again, the release of oxytocin also spikes the endorphin levels in our blood which strengthens our immune system. Besides that an orgasm also lets you sleep like a baby, which we all know is the best medicine to treat a cold.

That an orgasm comes with health benefits shouldn’t come as a major surprise. In the end, it’s nature’s way of leading us towards more reproduction, which from an evolutionary standpoint we need to do for survival. It’s such a natural phenomenon that has made taboo by modern humans and religion. Interesting and weird at the same time.

No matter what, it’s something we all like, love even! So own your orgasm and make sure you get them in as a part of your health routine!



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