Creamy pasta recipe

Creamy and pasta are two words that can never go wrong together. As the fall is in full bloom we want to snuggle up with a bowl of warm, cozy comfort food. This creamy pasta recipe definitely hits the spot!

This is a super simple one pot meal recipe. You simply put all the ingredients in one pot and watch the magic happen. Not only is it easy, but also yummy and nutritious. Made with only plant based ingredients, and easy to make gluten free or higher in protein depending on what pasta you chose.


2 dl pasta of choice

5 dl plant based milk of choice

Green peas (frozen or fresh)

Spinach / kale (frozen or fresh)

1 tbs soy sauce or Tamari





Chili powder


Start by adding your pasta and milk to a pot on high heat. Cook up and lower to low/medium heat as the milk starts to boil. Make sure to stir it occasionally to not burn. Add your spices and the soy sauce. As the pasta starts to thicken and become ready, add in your peas and greens (kale or spinach). Let it wilt down into the creamy goodness and voila! You’re done. Devour right away!

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