Guts are sexy, and we know it

In the honor of hump day, let’s talk about something really sexy – your gut, stomach, tummy, belly, dun loop – a loved child has many names. It might have a lot of names, but not too much of an effort gets put into our guts, if we’re not trying to loose it.

Taking care of our liver seems like something that people are thinking about a lot, especially us young adults who sometimes end up on a high roller, dancing and (especially) drinking the night away.


What we actually should focus on is our guts. I mean, if you drink like a crazy person, yes, your liver is in a bit of a trouble and you should probably quit that shit. Our gut though, is so much more important than we acknowledge. So, what does our guts do? Well, we know that’s the place where the food gets down and dirty, and becomes, yeah, poop. We don’t think much more about it. Sometimes our guts work slow, and we just accept that. But, there is more to the gut than poop transformation.

Our gut is essentially our temple. With a million of bacteria living in there, we need these guys to be in their best shape to help us stay healthy. An upset stomach isn’t just the cause of slow poop. Our bellies are the one in charge of our immune system. All those million bacteria, are the guys responsible for our immunity.  The lack of these bacteria, can cause illness,break outs, and make it harder for us to sleep or perform well in other areas of our life. When you get a cold, the first thing you think about isn’t that your gut is going bananas, right? That “gut feeling” you get, it’s a real thing. Our stomach is connected to our brains, which makes it our second brain. We need to nourish this intestine maze like our lives depended on it, because it kinda does.

H2O – Agua, liquid, water, splash splash. Drink water! So important for our health. We are essentially 80% water, we developed from water, water is life, and life is in water. So drink that shit! Start to count your glasses. Aim for one gallon a day! Get at least 3 litres in your system. Dehydration causes our bodies to slow down. If you feel thirsty, you’re already gone to long without hydrating.


Keep it moving – We know that exercise is extremely healthy for us. Keeping your body moving helps everything move on the inside as well. Movement is essentially good for everything. The least we can do is to stretch in the morning, or take a walk. I know that it sometimes can be easier said than done, but the importance of moving is essential for human life! We were born to move, we’ve been moving since our entire existence, so put that booty into work (I mean, it’s hump day after all…)

Fiber, fiber, fiber – Fruit, veggies, legumes, grains, nuts, seeds, eat them all! Our digestive system contains an enzyme called cellulase which is designed to break down plant matter. This keeps our guts going, and staying healthy. The only place where we can find fiber is from plants! The more fiber we eat, the more healthy bacteria we have in our guts. Plants are life, life is plants.


Probiotics – Kombucha is a dude, who’s very hot and heavy on the market right now. The fermented tea is all over the place with its healthy bacteria. – probiotics. As mentioned, we need these bacteria in our system. You don’t need to throw you money away by buying daily doses of kombucha to get your bacteria buddies. Probiotics can be found in ther fermented foods, such as pickled vegetables like kimchi and sauerkraut. We can even find probiotics in dark chocolate! So if you’re not a fan of the pickled flavors, grab some chocolate.

Avoid processed foods – This shouldn’t come as a surprise. While fiber is our stomachs best friend, processed foods is the enemy. It literally kills our healthy bacteria squad and makes the bacteria turn against our body, resulting in a weaker immune system.

Regularity – This is probably the hardest of them all. Keep regular times. Rise and rest at the same hours. Your body will adjust to your routine, making it easier to keep your stomach in good shape. I know, this one is really hard. Especially with our buys schedules,but you know, we can all do our best.

Snooz it  – Get proper sleep! Snoozing it, is another essential part of human life and proper body funtioning, including your lil guttie.


Our stomach is our center point. Everything we eat, or come into contact with will end up in there. If our healthy bacteria are missing, we can’t depend on our stomach to help us fight out the bad bacteria, which will result in us getting sick. So next time you look down on your little belly, give it some love, because it loves you.

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