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2018 is in full Bloom, January has already passed us by, and we’re entering February quicker than a teenage boy losing his virginity . By now the “new year new me” bullshit is either going fabulous, or starting to fade away. However it may be going, I bet the New Year started out with superior motivation and a new zest for life! That’s usually the feeling new beginnings bring us.

For some people though, the new year super motivation just didn’t kick in. At all. I happen to be one of those people. For the majority of my past New Years Eves I’ve always been super hyped up, ready for new things, and to fire up the gear and take action. But this year started out slow. That I spent my New Years sick in bed might have been the first negative impact, I barely even acknowledge the birth of 2018. I was just like “another day, I still have a fever. Yey.”

Slumping up and feeling like you’re out of your element is normal. Life is not always a dance on roses, and you will have phases of ups and down. Sometimes though, you feel like you’re just digging yourself deeper and deeper into the chaos, and you leave yourself feeling lost and anxious. The underlying cause of this is usually that we have to many things going on and we don’t know what to prioritize, or how to organize ourselves. This leaves our minds in the middle of a battle field. Juggling work, family problems, health, not finding time for your hobbies, you all know the drill. Or the shake. Or the wobble. Why is it called drill anyways? “You know the wobble” sounds way more fun. Well, whatever, when our minds are unorganized we tend to procrastinate, which leads to more anxiety, and more problems. No bueno.

What we all need to do when we get lost in these slumps is to:

Feel – Acknowledge the feelings. You are lost, let’s face it. And it’s okay. It sucks, but it’s okay and a natural part of life. The more you try to hide your feelings, the less able you’re going to be to move past it. So grab your feelings by the balls! Be brave!

Write it down – This always works for me. I sometimes don’t want to because it’s forcing me to deal with my problems, but as soon as i do, I’m removing the negativity form my head onto the paper. It feels amazing, trust me guys. And for my fellow journal lovers, you know exactly what I’m talking about! Writing your feelings down goes hand in hand with acknowledging them and feeling them.

See your friends – You need positivity in your life. Before you can tackle your shit, you need to feel joy and excitement. See your friends and your family, you have people who care for you and wants to be around your amazing spirit! Rip those abs up with some great laughter, go dancing, have a game night. Surround yourself with love and happiness.

Avoid social media – Social media is amazing, but it can also be the devil. Especially if you’re in a bad place mentally. We have a tendency to compare ourselves to the people we see on there, living their “happy, perfect lives”. Social media is also a great companion for procrastinating.

Be grateful – Last, but definitely not leas, be grateful. It’s hard to see the positives when you’re feeling down, but start by saying thank you for every little thing that you take for granted. Say thanks for a hot shower, food, your cozy fluffy bed. Even the Uber driver not finding your pick up location causing you to run late – at least you’re able to take an Uber! You are blessed in so many ways!

Where does this leave us? As they say, once you’re down, you can only go up! Just because you’re having a slow start doesn’t mean that your year is going to be a total slacker. I actually think that you’ll end the year on an even higher note than ever before. This slump will force you to deal with it you issues in different ways, which will make you gain new experiences early on in the year, and have you ready for a grand finale when the ball drops next year. Embrace your slump! It’s a wonderful thing, it’s a prime time for some growth action, and a fabulous year ahead. So to all my fellow slumpy heads, we’ve got this! This is our year! You’ve got to slump to triumph.


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