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As the last day of the year is upon us, we start to reminisce about the year past, where we are, and where we want to be.We make new goals, out frequencies are higher than the weed doctors on Venice Beach, and we believe that all our dreams will come true as we watch the fireworks paint the sky in colors, and the streets in trash. New Year’s Eve is a magical night indeed. For a few hours we get to present our best selves to the  world, and the new year. We prepare the biggest feasts, we wear diamonds, long dresses, suits, sparkles, red lips, the whole chibang. We dance the night away, we have a few too many drinks, and then we wake up the day after with a torn dress, hiding behind a greasy pizza. Ah, the charm of the crisp New Years day. Hopefully, you made goals for last New Years to not drink so much and to have healthier eating habits.


Looking back and reflecting on your year is great. It’s always fascinating to see where we are now, compared to a year back. Things we never thought would happen usually happens, and we stumble on situations we never saw coming. We get stronger, we might get weaker, but we always learn a lesson (hopefully). Setting new goals is also great for the year to come. We all need directions in life, we need that sense of purpose. By setting goals for ourselves we are making sure that we are working towards something. It can be to be a better sibling, to publish that book you’ve started but never finished, to participate in a 5 k run, create the best chocolate chip cookies of all time, anything! Your life, your journey. The directions and the goals you set will subconsciously direct you towards the path you are meant to walk. But then comes the tricky part – following up with our goals. We all know the drill, it’s all fun and cute when you take out that pretty journal and write down what you want to accomplish, but then comes the new year, and that greasy pizza new years day, and three weeks in your journal is tossed away in some drawer together with five other journals from the years before.


Why do we do this? I shouldn’t say that all of us do this, because to the people who actually persist with something, they always make their goals come true. What I’ve realized is that you will go through this process over, and over again. You will set goals, and you will try, and when it dies out, it might be that you’re just a lazy ass who never gets anything done, or it might just be that the goal you  thought you wanted to reach, isn’t what you’re truly meant to be doing. I believe that when you put your mind into something that you believe in, from deep within your soul, you will do it. It’s still going to take time, you will still have obstacles, and you might even put it back on the shelf for a while. But if it’s really your purpose, your gut will tell you that it’s time to pick it up again.

I also think that another important step in reaching your goals is to focus more on the person you want to become. You have to get shaped and molded into the person who are capable of reaching your goals. We often feel like we’re setting the bar too high for ourselves. We get into the thinking of “Eh, I could never be THAT person.” What kind of person would it be that can accomplish your goals? Think about that instead. Work on becoming that person. Trust me, anyone can become any person they want to be, the only thing stopping you is your head. “I’m not confident enough, I’m not outgoing enough, I’m not that, I could never be this, bla, bla, and blaaa.”Bitch please, YES you can be everything you think you can’t, you just have to switch the can’t button to can!!!


I really do believe that this is where our goals and dreams tend to wash out in the sand. It’s when we feel doubt, and when we act on it. We talk ourselves out of finishing something because we feel stupid, and that we’re not good enough. When we’re setting our goals we are so focused on the thing, the end ahead, don’t get me wrong, this is great, but we never focus on ourselves. We need to focus on how we can become the person who will accomplish the goals instead of only focusing on the goal itself. Your goal should always be you.YOUare the person who have to make sure your dreams and goals come true, so YOU are the thing that you have to focus on. YOU are the tool you need to mold, shape, craft, scratch, improve, beat down, and lift up, and love. You will always be a star in the making. Even when you’re up there shining so bright, people think you made a “Ross Geller” from F.R.I.E.N.D.S (Only real F.R.I.E.N.D.S enthusiasts will get this, I know), you still have improvements to do. You can never stop improving, and that’s something important we all need to understand. Our egos can come in the way sometimes, but we have to push that sucker away.


Also important, if you “fail” to accomplish any of your goals, please calm down. It’s not the end of the world. Don’t beat yourself up! Get back on that high horse and race away!! Just don’t be too hard on yourself. And have a great New Year! Stay out of trouble, and make sure not to blow anyone up.


And I had to end this post with two pictures to explain the whole Ross Geller from F.R.I.E.N.D.S thing.

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