Swallow the Pill

Have you ever caught yourself thinking about a moment in time when you were a little kid doing something that was so hard and awful to you, and thinking about that same thing now makes you let out a mild chuckle because you were overreacting? How certain things felt like giant obstacles or the end of the world? When you started to cry if your mom got worried over a weird bump on your arm and you thought that meant that you were going to die?


A day ago I caught myself thinking of the moments when I had to take medicine as a kid. It was a shit show, to put it nicely. I would cry, yell, hide, basically do ANYTHING to get out of taking my medicine. My parents always had to bribe me with chocolate or other things just to make me take the medicine. Taking medicine in a pill form was even worse than the liquid form, or actually, I don’t know… If you think throwing up over the dinner table after a shot of medicine is a good way to go, then maybe you could say that swallowing pills was worse… I hated them equally and when it came to the pills I used to hide them and flush them down the toilet when I was alone. So I actually never took my pills… I’m totally fine though, which makes me believe that most medicines are bullshit anyways. I believe in the power of a healthy diet and lifestyle! *cough* go vegan *cough* exercise (extremely necessary side note). 


What I’m trying to say is that today I can pop pills on the regular (vitamins, okay, just vitamins, not talking about other things!!) and a shot of tequila is probably worse than the medicine I used to take but now it’s a routine for the weekend turn up. We grow up and we overcome obstacles in our life without really noticing how it happens. Yes, being able to take your medicine is not the biggest deal in the world but whatever obstacles you’re facing right now you will overcome. You just will, life is pretty cool like that. You’re in it, you don’t know what to do, and then all of a sudden you’re sitting at your kitchen table sipping on a cup of tea and you remember the bullshit you were going through and you think “Damn, look at me now, I’m getting paper” (as our friend Chris Brown would say), and then you go back to sipping on your tea with a great sense of comfort and establishment. Maybe you’re even snacking on a cookie, who knows. I hope you are because cookies are awesome and delicious.

Life will always have obstacles, life is a god damn obstacle itself! The beauty of it is that we grow and we learn. Whatever bumps and cracks he have to fall into are meant to be there, to build us and mold us into the people we are supposed to be. So whatever you’re going through, one day you’ll be able to look back and swallow the damn pill.


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