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I’m obsessed with burritos! Burritos, and guacamole, and spicy salsa. Mexican food is the bomb. Not that burritos is a legit Mexican food, at least not what I’ve heard…but I might be wrong. Well, it’s delicious and I love me some Mexican food any time, any day.

Filled my tummy at Tocaya Organica in Venice this afternoon. Everything on the menu is vegan and you can add extra vegan and non vegan protein and cheese to every meal. Like yo, that’s pretty sweet! Adding pomegranate to guacamole, man, that combination tastes like some sweet love making. Love at first bite.

Super cute little place with a lot of different options of Mexican cousin. Happy hour every week day with food and drinks. The drink menu is pretty exotic as well with watermelon sangria and blood orange mimosas. Unfortunately for me I’m on steroids right now (seriously, yes… I’ll talk about that in another post) and I don’t want to mix that up with alcohol. Who knows what will happen. Linnéa The Hulk would emerge or something. No, today I was just trying to enjoy some Mexican food, and I sure did!

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